Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I finally received the Excel inventory file from Jeff, and can now begin posting information on the boats that will be offered in the first ever "H20 Composites Factory Clearance".  The list Jeff compiled includes absolutely everything that we will have available for sale, and includes prototypes, demonstrators, brand new cosmetic defects, and used, as well as a small selection of boats from other top quality manufacturers (how else does one do research sometimes?)

As this represents pretty much all existing inventory from over four years of operation, there is quite a flotilla available! There are over a dozen canoes, a few kayaks and some recreational rowing shells, and about fifteen lightweight performance racing shells available. The boats are presently either finished and ready for sale, or unfinished requireing some work prior to sale. My plan is to offer the boats for sale starting with the ones that require little finishing, or are ready to go, and as we sell those, work on finishing and selling the rest of them.

Here is a short list of the first boats to be included in the sale:


H20 Canadian 16-6' 2009 Superlight Kevlar red/white, 46lb, new, cosmetic blem and repair, retail $2695 now $2195.

H20 Canadian 16-6' 2008, Carbon Kevlar clear/white, 43lb, lightly used, two minor repairs, retail $2995 now $2100.

H20 Cottage Classic 14' 2009, shot fibreglass red, 58lb, new, retail $1095 now $745.

H20 Cottage Classic 15' 2009, shot fibreglass white, 65lb, new, retail $1145 now $795.

H20 Cottage Classic 16' 2009, shot fibreglass red, 70lb, new, retail $1195 now $845.

Alchemist (by H20) Saga 17' 2009, Carbon Fibre clear/white, 44lb, new perfect cond, retail $3095 now $2795.


H20 Offshore 21' 2009, Carbon/Fibreglass white/white, 40lb, new blem thin paint, retail $4495 now $3495.

H20 Offshore 16' 2008, Fibreglass lime/white, 45lb, used good cond, retail $3495 now $2200.


MISSION/FISA Rec Racer 22' 2007, Fibreglass red/white, 55lb, used trade-in good cond, retail $3795 now $2400.

MISSION ROWING Rocket LT 25' 2008, Carbon black/carbon, 35lb, rentd 2008, excellent cond, retail $6995 now $4200.


CURRENT DESIGN Kestrel 14' 2009, Kevlar orange/white, 40lb, demo excellent cond, retail $2995 now $2200.

PELICAN SOT 9' 2007, Polyethylene orange, 35lb, used excellent cond, retail $495 now $350.

Please email me at theaccidentalcanoeist@live.com if interested in any of these boats, or others that may be available. Payment may be made by MasterCard, Visa, Cheque or Cash, payable directly to H20 Composites. Retail sales taxes will apply to all new boats and those purchased using payment other than cash. For used boats and paying with cash payment can be made directly to me, and we can consider the transaction a private sale, as I am not a retailer.


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