Saturday, September 8, 2012


The last canoe trip of the 2011 season was a short trip on the Madawaska, at Madawaska, of course. Rudi and I put in just off the highway, behind the community centre, which has a brand new gravel ramp and high quality dock. There were a few other boaters there, a couple putting in a small aluminum outboard boat, and a family returning with a larger sport boat.
A few hundred feet south of the put in is the old trestle from the Ottawa, Arnprior, and Parry Sound railway (pictured) which has been modified to accommodate the recreational trail now in its place. three trestles have been removed, and new approach ramps installed. I suppose the cost of maintaining the old bridge was probably quite steep.
Beyond that we looped under the highway bridge, where the Madawaska begins to open into Bark Lake, one of the largest in the area. After turning under the bridge, we returned, passed our put in, and then headed upriver for about forty five minutes before returning.

The old trestle of the Ottawa, Arnprior, an Parry Sound Railway at Madawaska, with new approaches for the multi-use rail trail.

The Highway bridge, about 100 metres south of the old railway bridge, just enough clearance to get a sport boat underneath.

Heading north on the Madawaska, about half a mile from our put in.

After turning around, and heading back south. Like many rivers in the area, the Madawaske is very deep and wide, with little vertical change in profile.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


After a long hiatus (my apologies, there are reasons) I have once again returned to the blogs... This is a photograph of Rudi at our take out at Conroy Marsh, after our big paddle looking for the Ghost of AJ Casson. About 100 feet to the left of the picture is the put in, right into a bay off of the main channel, which then runs directly away from my (the photographers) position, toward the hill in the left background, and then to the right to proceed down between the hills. If you click on the picture, you should be able to just make out the blue line of the main channel. This was late mid summer 2011, some time after which we hung up the paddles, stored the canoe, and headed back to Tavistock, and school for Rudi and work for me.


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