Saturday, May 22, 2010


Got to the cottage Friday evening after a fairly efficient drive via the 407, Port Perry, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and bypassing Bancroft on South Baptiste Lake Road. I have never actually been through Bobcaygeon before! Didn't see much, probably a bit overhyped like many of these rustic little "cottage country old money" towns (of which Barry's Bay is not one!). The next day I assembled the bunk beds, mowed the lawn, had fun with an Eastern Milksnake and inspected the shoreline for a washed up body.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This one hits close to home, as the search is being conducted as I type this on the lake our cottage is located on, Carson Lake, 'our' lake if you will. Please don't think I am callous for suggesting the missing man is dead, but if a canoeist goes missing like that, it is more than likely he has ended up drowning:


Alexander ('number last', our two year old) booted me out of bed about 4 am, I couldn't sleep, so did a bit of surfing and found this documentary, a magnificent and honest portrayal of the challanges faced by a group of women (breast cancer survivors) participating in an epic canoe race. Skip that silly re-run of 'The Mentalist' and instead watch this:


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