Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A further half hour of paddling and noodling around brought us to another large 'lakelet' just to the south of the main channel. A few hundred metres ahead I could make out a small structure, of wooden poles fastned together. We paddled over to it, the water generally about a foot deep here, and took a closer look. My first guess from its size was that it was a hunting blind, as it was large enough to park a small aluminum boat in.

Looking southwest, the Craigmont hill is just out of the frame to the right. The main channel carves an arc from behind us, out to our right a few hundred feet, and then cuts across to the left just past the grasses at the near horizon.

A close up of what I think is a duck hunting blind. I have no idea what age, it could be decades old. I am not sure how much human traffic enters the marsh, though it could be as little as a few each day.


  1. Really captures the feel of the place.

    Interesting artifact. Is it floating? Seems out in the middle of nowhere...

  2. It is an old duck hunting blind, fastened to what is best described as the flooded ground on which it sits (water depth is about one foot there). I imagine a small aluminum fishing boat would be paddled or motored in, and then a camoflage tarp draped over the whole thing.



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