Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Quite a few years back, driving as a courier, I was asked to do a late afternoon delivery from Kitchener to Newmarket. Knowing that it was already after two in the afternoon, the delivery would put me in Newmarket just in time for a gruelling two and a half hour drive home, and late for dinner. Making a hundred odd bucks didn't really appeal to me that much, but I was the only driver able to do it, and had been able to make it home in a timely fashion for at least the previous week.

Twenty minutes later, the box had been picked up, and I was on my way. I arrived in Newmarket around 4:30, and within ten minutes had dropped off the package, filed some paperwork, and reported the delivery as completed. I restarted the van, and began what would be a long, hard drive back to Tavistock. Turning on to Davis Drive, I suddenly realized that Dave and Judy, very close friends of Katherine's parents, were probably only a five minute drive away. And I was somewhat certain I had heard them say "drop by anytime..." not realizing of course I was the type of person to take another up on an open offer like that! Now was the time!

Driving by memory, as I didn't have either their phone number or address (good couriers do have some skills!) I soon found their house, parked the van, and walked up the steps to the front door. I had a brief second thought about simply walking up and inviting myself in, but there was that open invitation, AND the fact I had participated in their Christmas Dinner and charade game experience! How the heck could they not happily let me in! Confidence restored, I rang the doorbell...

...And Dave answered, completely surprised of course! I was warmly greeted, and upon explaining the reason for my unexpected visit, I was ushered in for dinner... Which was leftovers... On the grandest scale! There was soup (chilled cucumber I recall) and another appetizer for starters, mains of yesterdays roast chicken, along with fresh steamed veggies, and dessert of pie and ice cream, along with a couple of glasses of wine. But better than that was the conversation, specifics long forgotton, but burned in my memory the laughing and fun we had, especially with Judy's real time commentary on the operatic style performance of the neighbor behind, bellowing and singing (lovingly of course) at her errant kids, goading them to do their chores, help with laundry, tidy up, and get to dinner on time!

Two hours and two phone calls later updating Katherine, I thanked them and took my leave. It was closing in on seven in the evening, and the drive home was not even 90 minutes, calm, quiet, cross country, and very relaxing as well...

Judy Gordon passed away this summer after a short battle with cancer. She was sixty nine years old, and left her husband Dave, and children Heather and Bryan. She will be sorely missed by many, including those upon whose living room wall hangs a small but beautiful painting titled "Conroy Marsh" by AJ Casson; the wedding gift from her and Dave.

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