Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So about the job. The job is interesting, dull, fantastic, dreary, stimulating, mind-numbing, fun, boring, exciting, tough, challenging, and dreadful, all during the same day of course! There is a small crew of really good people I work with, sometimes four of us all doing different tasks, or sometimes just me and Jeff 'tag-teaming' the last few boats before delivery. There is never a shortage of work, at least in the peak season, which saw me working up to 50 hours or more some weeks, not including the occasional day to deliver a trailer of canoes. On any given day I could be cutting sheets of fibreglass or kevlar fabric, stamping out serial numbers, oiling and webbing wooden seats, pulling the 'consumables' out of a recently shot (resin infused) boat, or cutting the tops off of a number of boats that have just come out of molds. The work can be - Hell who am I trying to kid! - the work IS tough, demanding, and hard, but when I blow out the dust from inside a finished canoe, and wipe down the outside, the end result is simply phenomenal! An absolutely magnificent canoe!

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  1. Your working building doesnt get any better!



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