Friday, August 28, 2009


On Saturday Rudi and I went downtown and checked out Algonquin Outfitters, a well known chain of outdoor stores. The store is chock full of anything and everything, including camping gear, clothing, shoes, books, bikes, and whatever else you can think of. Downstairs there is a small bike repair area, and it was there that I ran into someone I recognized from Waterloo. Randy was one of the employees of Bent's Camera in Uptown Waterloo, and about 7 years ago he moved to a business in Stratford, and after that didn't work out (not his doing, Randy is a great guy!) he and his wife decided to move to the Muskokas, and he started working for Algonquin Outfitters, where he is now the Marketing Manager, and his wife is in charge of Rental Operations. On monday I phoned Randy, thinking that if they had an available canoe, I would like to take Rudi out for a quick trip down the river and back. He said I was welcome to have one of the rentals for a little trip, which was very much appreciated, as a great way to spend time while we waited for the van to get fixed. We borrowed a kevlar Swift Canoe Algonquin 16, a nice stable boat that liked to hold a line fairly well, similar to the H2O Composites Canadian 16-6. The first photo is leaving the Huntsville 'Harbour', a long linear dock behind part of the downtown. Katherine chatted with the lady seated on the dock by the red canoe, who spends six months a year in Huntsville, and the other six months in the States. Apparently her Grandson is now old enough to take the stern, and she loves being his bow paddler for the trips they take!


  1. Wow a whole blog posting about me.. hehe.. ok maybe not just me. It was great to get a chance to catch up a little with you Dave. Glad to see that you've got the chance to get out to the park this summer. It's always hard for us at the outfitters to get out on personal trips as it's so busy at the shop in the summer.. but I managed to sneak two almost week long trips in myself this summer.

    Hope to see you back again soon.
    - Randy

  2. You had some tough competition! When Katherine saw my picture with the lady seated at the dock, and told me that she had chatted with her, I knew I had to give her story near equal billing! It was wonderful meeting you, as quite often when I go to Stratford I have been thinking, what the heck happened to Randy from Bent's...and now I know!



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