Monday, August 10, 2009


On the way back from the cottage I decided to stop in on one of our suppliers in Quadeville, SlipStream Yokes. I had no idea of their location, so I found the General Store in the village, and walked in, finding two lady customers (one with a cute baby) and the storekeeper. They were in conversation (about babies, a friend of theirs having twins - my comment was although very happy with 'number first' and 'number last', the ideal number of kids in my opinion was anywhere between zero and seven!) and when we had finished, the storekeeper asked if I needed help. I told her I was looking for a gentleman locally who was known to manufacture the world's finest canoe yokes, and at that the lady with the baby laughed, and exclaimed: "That's my dad!".

Although most H20 Composites canoes are fitted with high quality Teal yokes, a retailer in Nova Scotia has requested all H2O canoes delivered to his store be fitted with SlipStream Yokes. They are more expensive of course, but then again, isn't a Lexus more expensive than a Toyota? And that's the difference, the Teal yokes are high quality, durable, with a great finish... The SlipStream Yokes are extremely high quality, durable, with a finish that doesn't just approach, but rather redefines perfection! If you want the most beautiful and comfortable canoe yoke in the world, they are available at select outfitters, or online if your local outfitter doesn't carry them.

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  1. David: It was great to meet you. My wife and I pick cranberries in Conroy Marsh in the fall but we haven't seen these duck channels yet.
    Maybe next year.
    Thanks for the glowing review on my yokes. Twenty eight years ago I worked for Dave Gilbert at Rockwood Outfitters and he told me to make the best yokes at a reasonable price and I would have all the business I could handle. He was right.
    Laurie Kelly,



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