Monday, May 11, 2009


It was last summer, and I had promised to take Rudi on a big canoe trip. Until then we had only gone out on little trips up and down the shore of the lake, and sometimes across to a point with some cottages and back around the bay. This time however, I was thinking of canoeing as far as we could go, to see if there was a way to get to Lake Kaminiskeg, about 10km away!

I knew from trip with Katherine about seven years earlier that there were several linked lakes that you could canoe, and that there possibly was a drain or additional lakes from the last of the four heading to the big lake, Kaminiskeg.

So one morning, Rudi and I set out in the canoe, and paddled away. We headed down the east side of Carson Lake, paddling slow and steady, following the old Ottawa, Arnprior, and Parry Sound Railway embankment off to our left, until it veered away from the lake. After about an hour we reached the concrete culvert under the highway, and pushed through.

On the other side the culvert opens into Trout Lake, and a sandy beach area, where we surprised a gentleman and his two kids who were bathing. Paddling away down Trout, we tried to keep out of the rising sun toward the east side of the lake, sometimes skirting within twenty feet or so of the shoreline.

(To be continued)

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