Sunday, May 3, 2009


So there we were at the 2008 Tavistock Fall Fair, having just found out our Roma and Yellow Cherry tomatoes had made the one-two sweep of their respective categories, giving us a whopping $2.50 payout each. And then I spotted it. It was absolutely gorgeous, with long, sleek lines, and a brilliant polished finish. On closer inspection, the top was a clearcoat over black carbon fibre cloth, with a white bottom under the waterline, and a large white sticker amidships under the 'gunnels' (no correction needed, I know it is gunwale!) reading "H2O". The interior was painted a flat green, kind of a mix of forest and olive green, which set off the wood interior beautifully. The level of fit and finish was absolutely impeccable, and I almost started to drool!

It was set on a display stand just behind and to the right of a amall table with product information about the company "H2O Composites Inc". Also on display was a single person rowing shell, with outriggers and oars, finished just as magnificently as the canoe. There was a note on the table which read "Back in 10 Minutes", a stack of business cards, and a placard to the left side of the table with a sign reading "Please Inquire About Possible Employment Opportunities". And that's part of how this little adventure began!

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